Work Ethic - Lyrics


© Là Par Force

All Songs written by Là Par Force



sometimes we try too hard
to go on with our lives
a steady diet of glass and so much shit to hide
this place will eat you up alive
comatose/outrageous state of mind
with all the guilt and shame that we keep inside
what really happenend to our lives?

and all our people are
trapped in small cells
within small minds
living small lives
and all our people are
trapped in small towns
breeding small minds
living small lives

nothing's ever changed
you still decide
whose dreams are worth living
and whose will be denied
it's about time we choose our side
everything is planned
everything looks grey
and rows of houses that look all the same
we are all caught within these frames



when cold air touches your skin
makes you realize the mess you're in
all that was and could have been
feels like razorblades they call it wind
some clothes that fit a place to stay
something to call home while you're on your way
everybody has something to say
couldn't walk in your shoes for just one day
sometimes you know your life's a waste
swallow it down didn't like the taste
broken frames got fixed with glue and paste
while they march on your life stagnates

makes you realize the mess you're in



a disease that doesn't exist
she knows that ignorance is bliss
which side are you really on?
is she the knife or just the wound?
she ran out of stuft to say
no one will ever cross her way
which side is she really on
are you the knife or just the wound?

do you still think about it?
cause she can't get it out of her head
if that's all they offer
she's gonna choose herself instead

today she woke up and could see
and for the first time she felt free
knew that it's only our own dreams
that turn into our worst enemys
looking forward to feel real
that one thing no one ever steals
'cause if there's really no disease
then there is no one to be healed



There's a crow on a tree
there's a cross by the road
and somewhere somebody's asking: „where did she go?"
there s a head in hands
and his mind is wandering off
to the place where he told her
how much he had missed her

there's a cross by the road
there's a crow on a tree
and an upcoming storm
is all you can see
there's a cross by the road
there's a crow on a tree
there's a body in the field
and that body is me

there's a cross on a wall
there's a bottle of pills
and a man who'd never learned
to talk about how he feels



This is as close as it gets to feel at home
but you will never call this home again
a close look and two persons know that there is way too much left unsaid
in the end there's really nothing left to say
and silence is our dilemma

3 hours left and sleep is the last thing on your mind
and every thought makes you swallow all your hopes and dreams
one piece after the other
a month passed by and another one slashed her wrists
and we just stand there parlized
and we wonder what it is
what these places do to us

what's worse? to try and fail
or to miss the chance of your life
failure or missed opportunities?

at night i keep my doors shut
some nights i even lock my room
I'm so fed up with all of this
and scared of what the night will bring
the sign said: „this town has many names”
and my thoughts wandered back to you
and all you want to know is
what's the opposite of home?


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